Bella Sera Trattoria Presents: Grande Cheese

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What is Italy without cheese? That was our thought as we considered how to best infuse our menu with the most authentic cheese. At Bella Sera we want food to be an experience in itself, as if you have just traveled across the world to enjoy real, genuine Italian food (but without all the pesky air travel). Part of this mission would include selecting a quality cheese vendor.

That’s how we discovered Grande, a cheese manufacturer known for its world-class cheeses and commitment to innovation. What we love most about Grande (aside from their amazing cheese) was their own mission. They pride themselves on making the connection between the tried and true traditions with an honest modernity. It echoes the values at Bella Sera, making us the perfect match.

Grande is always in search of, in their own words, “those who insist on differentiating themselves from the ordinary.” We felt like we fit well into that description, but we were absolutely sold once we heard about their process.

Grande harvests their milk daily, farm-fresh. They only pick farms with 5-Star Certification from the Milk & Dairy Quality Assurance Program to ensure that the milk they receive is not only safe, but of the highest quality. From there, they leverage the vast knowledge of their cheese artisans to handcraft delicious, palate-pleasing, memorable cheese. This combined with their passion for quality sets this company apart from the rest. It didn’t take more than a few bites to know Grande should be featured on our menu. Its cheese brings a special touch to our Italian food and further promotes our goal to create an exceptional experience for all customers.

So whether you’re enjoying our Zio Bob Pizza, Cheese Tortellini or our even just the cheese on your salad, remember where it came from and the quality and passion behind each delicious bite.

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