Bella Sera Trattoria Presents: Intelligentsia Coffee

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You’ve made it through the main course with your quality proteins and melty cheese, but how else would you finish off an Italian meal but with a perfect espresso or Café Latté? The aroma and flavor of coffee round out your Italian dining experience perfectly. Travel over to Europe and you will find many can’t imagine ending a long, filling meal without a dark shot of espresso. Naturally we wanted to bring this same experience to Bella Sera so we searched for the perfect brew that was anything but generic.

Our menu crafters sought beautifully grown, handcrafted artisan coffee to pair with the quality food we offer. We discovered the complex flavors and rich crema of Intelligentsia Coffee and instantly fell in love. We’re picky about our coffee, and thankfully so are they. They spend most of the year at the actual sources of where their coffee beans are grown which allows them to work with the farmers to create unique beans.

As coffee experts, Intelligentsia searches for locations best accommodated to grow coffee beans. Key factors they consider include altitude, temperature, sun, rain and soil. Their strategic relationships with coffee developers in over 20 countries ensure they receive the best beans depending on the season. More than that, Intelligentsia truly believes in prospering the farms they work with, and as such pays the farmers and growers a rate far higher than international fair trade standards.
Once the beans are harvested, Intelligentsia cups, roasts and produces the coffee themselves to ensure the quality is up to their standards. That’s why we know we are treating our customers each time we serve them coffee. So when you’re not quite ready to leave after your Spaghetti Bolognese and need something warm to pair with that authentic gelato, delight yourself in a cup of Intelligentsia coffee. It will be the perfect cap to your dining experience.

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