Bella Sera Trattoria Presents Harris Ranch Beef

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Our mission is simple: To make fresh, delicious Italian food in an atmosphere that is familiar, modern and comfortable. To make this mission come to life, we strive for our tasty foods to transport our customers back to Italy.  From the moment you step into Bella Sera, to the moment you take a bite into of one of our classic meals like our warm, homemade lasagna, our hope is that you leave feeling happy and satisfied. Part of what makes our food so crave-worthy comes from our expertise in selecting food vendors. Only the best will do. What you see on our menu has passed rigorous taste testing and the suppliers have delivered on both flavor and experience. One of our vendors who has passed these quality standards with flying colors is our preferred beef supplier, Harris Ranch.

As part of providing an authentic dining experience for our customers, we believe that the selection of our meat is one of our top priorities. While some restaurants may choose to serve meat that is frozen and shipped across the country, Bella Sera Trattoria only chooses local and quality meat that customers can taste. That is how we discovered Harris Ranch, a beef supplier nestled in Central California.

Not only is Harris Ranch a local supplier, but the quality of their beef really stands out. All of their meat is USDA Certified Natural or Natural Angus Beef. To meet these strict requirements, the Angus cow has to be bred with superior genetics that provide the finest marbling, which results in more tender and juicy meat for those eating it. On top of that, there are no artificial ingredients and only minimal processing, making their beef top quality.

Bella Sera Trattoria and Harris Ranch also believe in treating its cows on the ranch in a very humane way. Harris Ranch makes sure to feed them a well-balanced diet made of a natural, high-quality corn from the Midwest. No pesticides or animal protein are included. These strict guidelines they abide by makes Harris Ranch an industry leader in their food safety and quality beef.

Whether you order our traditional spaghetti and meatballs or choose to splurge on a delicious ribeye, we have absolute confidence in your satisfaction of the process and product of Harris Ranch. The beef is natural, safe and healthy. And this high quality beef will make all the difference in the meal you order. Trust us: you’ll taste the quality. Immerse yourself in the experience and enjoy the finest tastes of Italy.

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